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Meet Chesson

I was born and raised in South Charlotte way before the days of Ballantyne, Blakeney, or even 485! I am now living in Waxhaw NC with my husband Brian, a high school drama teacher at Ardrey Kell High School, our daughter Rae and our dog and cat. I am a second generation realtor®, my mother Jane Kusterer has been an Allen Tate agent for over 40 years. My dad, Gene Kusterer, is a retired high school drama teacher and is now known as the "measuring man" measuring listings and providing detailed sketches of homes before they hit the market.

Real estate has been my passion since I was a little girl running through vacant homes with my mom, or joining her in the office on weekends typing away on the old typewriter, and twirling around in Mr. Tate's chair in the conference room. Though some parts of the real estate business are the same, SO much has changed.

I am constantly keeping myself educated with what's happening in the community, staying on top of the market, and keeping up with the current trends. I like to incorporate the latest technology to promote my listings, or make sure my buyers don't miss any new homes that match their criteria. Keeping a constant pulse on what homes are coming and going is imperative in today's hot market!

Charlotte and the surrounding areas are built up of different "pockets" and it is not a one size fits all city. I want to get to know you and help guide you into your perfect fit. I've worked with a lot of first time homebuyers and can offer tours and information to help you decide which part of town will suit you best!  I like to work WITH you as a team player to achieve your real estate goals, whether buying, selling, or renting.. Let's think outside of the box and find a successful strategy that works for you!

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Navigating the Home Buying Process

In today's world, where information is at everyone's fingertips, it may seem quite simple to "go it alone" when thinking about purchasing a home. Getting from the offer, to the contract, to the closing table can be more complicated than you think. I am available to answer any questions you have and to make the process as smooth and stress free as possible! 

Step One: Getting Pre Approved

The first step in any home buying process is to find a lender who can tell you how much you qualify for, what costs can be expected, and what type of loan will suit you best.  A good lender is one who is readily available to answer any questions about the process, makes it easy for you to send them any documentation they require and continues to work with you from contract to closing. A lender plays an important role along with your agent and closing attorney to make sure your loan will be approved, and that appraisals and loan packages will be ordered in a timely manner.  I have several lender contacts available if you need help with finding a good match

Step Two: Beginning the Home Search

Once you've been pre approved, and you have your price point in mind, let's talk about your criteria.  Home prices vary in all areas of Charlotte, so it's important to consider what your biggest "must haves" are when working with a budget. This is where having a knowledgeable agent who can educate you on what each area has to offer plays a big role. You may start off with one idea in mind, and realize there were so many other options to consider! I'm also available to preview properties for you, to help narrow down what fits best so you don't get overwhelmed!

Step Three: Writing the Offer

Prior to writing an offer, I will run a comparative market analysis to see how the price of the home you are buying compares to those around it, and will discuss a fair offer price.  In a seller's market where homes are selling quickly with multiple offers, it is important to come in strong, but you don't want to risk overpaying. Along with your offer you will need to make two deposits. The due diligence deposit is given to the seller, and buys you a window of time while the home is off the market to perform inspections, appraisals, and secure your loan. This deposit comes back to you as a credit at the closing table, unless you decide to walk away from the contract for any reason, or no reason at all.  The second deposit is called an earnest money deposit, this deposit is held in a trust account and comes back to you as a credit at closing unless you walk away from the contract after your due diligence window has expired. This protects the seller in the case of a breach of contract.

Step Four: Getting From Contract to Closing

Congratulations! You're under contract! Now is when the real work begins.  Your lender is going to be asking for lots of additional documentation for you loan, and it is very important that you don't make any drastic changes like financing any large purchases, opening new credit cards or changing jobs.  The appraisal and title work for the property will be ordered, and you will need to find a home inspector to perform a structural and mechanical inspection, as well as termite, well, and septic when necessary.  I will meet you and the home inspector to discuss the findings on the report, then we will get estimates for the repairs and come up with a repair request for the seller. Sometimes due to time restraints it may be easier to ask the seller to pay some closing costs in lieu of repairs.. this is when the negotiation process starts all over again. Repairs should be done by a licensed professional, and it is recommended to have a re-inspection performed to avoid issues after closing.  Once your loan has been finalized, and the repairs agreed upon, you are ready for the closing table! A real estate attorney of your choosing will hold the closing, and then will record the deed on your behalf. Once the deed has been recorded, you'll get the keys to your new home! 

Selling Your Home


pricing your home

"You only get one chance to make a good first impression" This saying rings especially true when selling your home. Price it too high, and it will take too long to sell, and seem like a stale listing to potential buyers.. Price it too low and you'll walk away questioning if you could have gotten more. I will show you how your home compares to others listed and sold in the area so together we can come up with the best pricing.  Allen Tate's Market Report is a monthly email to keep you up to date on all the listing activity in your neighborhood.  This is a great tool even if you think you may not be ready to list yet.



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getting your home ready for the market

Let's make your home shine! When listing your home, it becomes a product, and it is important for buyers to be able to picture themselves living there. This can be hard to do when your home has too much "personalization" or clutter. Even brightly colored walls or plastic covered furniture can be enough to prevent a buyer from making an offer. I have contacts for painters, home stagers, and professional photographers. Additionally, at no cost to you, I will provide an in depth measurement sketch with room dimensions, which will be added to a personal brochure I will create for your listing.

marketing your home

Your home will be featured on all the top websites such as,, and  I will create virtual tours, and hold open houses at your request.  Agents that show your property will be asked to provide feedback after each showing so we will know what the buyers pros and cons might be.  I believe keeping an open line of communication with buyer's agents is a great way to build a positive working relationship and create a stress free process from contract to closing.


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